Friday, December 18, 2009


Just finished the first quart of canned peaches I made over the summer. Boy, they were DELICIOUS. I didn't know canned peaches could be so tasty. And I didn't get botulism! Is there a dormancy period? I checked the seal and everything. Next year- more! What a treat it was to eat some fruit in December. I'm a bit of a stickler for buying fruit and veggies only in season- this makes for long potato and cabbage filled winters.. now I've got a little bright spot in the middle of it. Only 5 quarts left- rations begin..

The above a picture proving Pidge is the ultimate ham. I swear she hears the camera turn on and she needs to be in the frame. Of course I spent 5 minutes making smootchy noises to get her to look at the camera. The rest are a blurry bunch of her butt and swishing tail. She was trying to nose behind the flannel sheet background and probably get to the warmth of the radiator.

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