Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunset Scarf

I've been getting some of the nicest feedback the past few days from fellow etsy folks (thank you if you see this!) It always comes at the most needed time and has refreshed me a bit. One new scarf today and tomorrow and then on to the next warp (with a bit of working on the film in between).

This weekend is going to be 80 degrees and I know I always mention the weather, but I am super psyched! All of the plastic is coming off of our windows and I am going to repot plants and clean and get all of this stale winter air out of the house once and for all.
Pidge will be sitting in the window, stalking pigeons and wishing for moths to fly inside. She seems so much more content after our executive decision to take her off of her diet. She can eat herself silly and though this makes me a bad parent for multiple reasons- the whining and incessant meowing every time I stand up (b/c I'm obviously getting up to feed her) have almost completely stopped! It is quite shocking.


shopaholic said...

such a cute cat! what breed is it?

pidge pidge said...

Thanks! She is a calico, but I think she has some tortie markings too. It's a shame her personality isn't as pretty as she it.. :)