Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring a ling!

Finally! It seems I've been waiting for ages for these scarves to be ready. I've spent all afternoon (say it with a British accent- I did) photographing and editing, all while happily listening to episodes of This American Life. This scarf was inspired by a photo of beautiful and expensive ($100 a yard?!) floral curtains on a sun porch I have pasted in my journal. I'm imagining somewhere in Atlanta - probably because I saw Gone with the Wind for the first time last night at the Dryden Theater. Such gorgeous costumes.. I want a hoop skirt and wonder when they will come back to fashion?

In other news, Albert and Jon have put up a website for their film in progress. Check it out for a trailer, bios and information about how to get your hands on a copy of the DVD and soundtrack when the film is finished!

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