Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

Albert modeling my latest custom work for an awesome dude in the UK. This scarf is 9 feet long!
26 new scarves are officially up in the shop! It's been a productive past few weeks and I've got the calluses on my hands from weaving to prove it!

I feel as though I am blasting my mini circle of followers with this information (sorry for the bombardment) - get free shipping 11/23-11/26 using coupon code: HOLIDAYS2012 in the shop. I've finally gotten twitter (@hellopidgepidge) and instagram (hellopidgepidge) and have spent the week trying to keep up with all of this social media. How do people do it? By having a smart phone for starters, I suppose. I borrow this guy's iphone to write tweets and snap photos. Now I just need to learn to keep my hashtags and @ thingies straight. Welcome to 2010, Vanessa!

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