Monday, November 14, 2011

the yarn lottery.

I have won the yarn lottery. Check out this huge and beautiful pile of yarn- over 100 skeins! Most of it is handspun by various etsy crafters and other fiber artisans along with a healthy dose of Japanese, Italian and Swedish yarn. This selection might be an entire wall at a yarn store.

At the last second I decided to accompany Albert into the goodwill while he searched for a music video prop today. I couldn't risk missing out on some fabulous kitchen find. As I walked to the back of the store, an employee dropped a waist tall bag of yarn onto the floor, mentioning to another customer that it contained alpaca yarn. I bee-lined to it, watching a lady glance at the bag and move on. Yarn is almost never for sale at goodwill (and when it is, it's almost always itchy acrylic). Immediately I had a death grip on the bag, repeating in my head to stay calm as I noticed the Noro tag on one of the skeins. I brought the bag to Albert and whispered to him that I was trying desperately not to freak out. I paid for the yarn hiding my excitement and walked quickly outside- afraid someone was going to notice the amazing steal this was. At less than 25 cents each, I was dizzy upon opening the bag in the parking lot and pulling out a skein with the original tag: $48. For one skein. I paid $25 for the entire bag.

Unfortunately, I have wasted most of my daylight weaving time today pawing through my new palette and calling my mom to share my exciting news. This was worth it though.

Here's a pic of my booth at Handmade Arcade on Saturday. Pleased to say the new clutches were a big hit!


Dar Presto said...

Congratulations on the yarn haul!

I enjoyed seeing your beautiful scarves at Handmade Arcade. They literally brought tears to my eyes, they are that lovely. You are a skillful artist with a wonderful color sense.

vanessa said...

Thanks so much! What heartfelt and kind words.. made my day :)