Monday, March 21, 2011

New Display!

It was great to be in Buffalo for the weekend with Albert. We spent time with family, had a successful show at the Small Press Expo and had sunny weather to run around on the front lawn and play frisbee. Also happily (a fun surprise Saturday morning) shared a table with my friend Amy and old coworker from greengirlpress (she helped design/mentored/everythinged my letterpress business cards).

Last week I spent 2 hours at Home Depot trying to design a new table display. I imagined a swing set I could hang the scarves on and got the necessary dowels and wood plus a chain to keep the legs from kicking out too far. Thursday night Albert and I assembled the thing only to have it immediately tip over. Luckily, Bill came to the rescue at home in Buffalo and rebuilt my mess. Not satisfied with my (shoddy) design, he made a second stand (pictured above) which worked great!

I'm happy shoppers can now paw through the scarves and see them entirely (as opposed to folded neatly on the tabletop)...

In the corner of this photo.. Albert and Jon's Beast Pageant DVD to promote the screening at the Market Arcade in Buffalo, April 8th. It will be playing at the Buffalo Niagara Film Fest!


Susan Johnson said...

Best scarf display idea. I like how pretty all your scarfs look next to each other, and how easy it is to see, and select one to look at, and then how easy to take off the loop. A+

vanessa said...