Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Palette

Spent the better part of an afternoon organizing my yarn stash a few weeks ago.. I usually spend about an hour before every scarf preparing my palette- winding bobbins and choosing colors. By winding a bobbin in every fiber I have, I've found set up to be so stream lined! I choose inspiration (from a scribbled lists of color combos or photos in my journal), collect my bobbins and can begin weaving in 10 minutes or less. Still working on storage for the bobbins- for now I have empty cardboard beer boxes stapled together to form little cubby holes. Must remember to return empty bottles soon before Pidge bowls any over in our back hallway...

Voted on my way home from work- there was no bake sale this year (our polling place is an elementary school down the street) and no voting booth with little hand levers to push. Those were the days. I had a dream last night you could vote with your iphone. One day!

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